We want to add more links and offer community and individual empowerment tools, and resources for resistance to state repression.  We welcome suggestions for this resource page as well!  Here's a beginning.  

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Flier about CMU's (Control Management Units) in prisons 
A Report of Today's Prisons & Jails, by Kiilu Nyasha Part 1 
Your Rights to Demonstrate and Protest
Stopping the Police State, pocket guide
Protege Tus Derechos 
Critical Resistance - INCITE! Statement
What Every Girl Should Know About the U.S. Military 

Pitchess Motion
 Jailhouse Lawyer's Handbook


Eureka Police Department, COMPLAINT FORM

Note about making Complaints:  Please remember to have someone with you filming with a video camera when you turn in a complaint.  We are willing to go with you in that capacity.  Make sure to get a stamped copy of your complaint from the cops (and also have a copy already before you bring them anything); also, focus on what the officer(s) did- not on your words or behavior. Don't talk with the cops when you turn it in except to say, "Here is a complaint" "I'd like a stamped copy, please." Call CopWatch for more about Complaints.  Don't expect anything to come of them, but fill those officers' files with complaints when they abuse.

If you need other Complaint forms from the Humboldt Sheriff's Dept., Arcata Police Dept., Fortuna Police Dept., etc. get in touch with Redwood Curtain CopWatch.